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How do Common Flooding Incidents Cause Water Damage in Cutler Bay?

6/9/2020 (Permalink)

Man squatting on chair in room with water rising Rapid-onset floods or flash floods occur very quickly, with little or no warning.

Certified SERVPRO Technicians Quickly Tackle Drying Out Your Cutler Bay Property After Flooding

Spring rains have begun, but temperatures around Cutler Bay are still comfortable enough for families to go to the beach or a certain, well-known amusement park for a long weekend. Homeowners still need to pay attention, though. It does not take a major storm or hurricane to flood their homes.  

Flood damage to Cutler Bay homes, regardless of the storm's power, can destroy structural and personal property in less than a day. Our SERVPRO restoration teams train to go into each home to stop the flooding, remove any standing water, and then begin drying both structural and personal property as rapidly as possible without causing any secondary damage.  

Technicians begin by securing the home against further water intrusion. Since this is storm-related, team members may need to sandbag low points to stop water in the neighborhood from seeping through doorways and low windows. Once the team leader believes the home is secure, they bring in commercial pumps and water extraction wands.  

The commercial-grade pumps in our inventory can clear most homes in a day. Once the water is down to the surface of the floors and carpets, Technicians switch to the wands. These devices have a heating element in addition to the vacuum action, so our specialists can carefully begin drying carpets and wood floors as they remove the last of the water trapped in the nap of the carpet or underneath the floorboards.  

As they remove the water, other SERVPRO specialists begin removing furniture and other items to a different part of the home and place it on pallets or blocks. It prevents leeching of the finish and color of wood and fabrics into the floodwater, which can stain and otherwise damage the carpets and floors.  

If the water was standing for more than a few hours, some of it might have soaked into the walls. Although drywall is an excellent building material, it is fragile and disintegrates after absorbing too much moisture. Our technicians can often remediate the effects by placing air movers to blow warm, dry air across and even up the walls to dry them. To accelerate the process, they also set-up exhaust fans to improve air circulation and dehumidifiers to draw moisture from the air.  

Common Cutler Bay Flooding Incidents 

Believe it or not, flooding caused by leaky pipes, damaged fixtures, or broken appliances happens far more often than any natural disaster. With an increase in these types of emergencies, homeowners must prepare for floods, even in the regions that commonly avoid this kind of event. 

After checking with your insurance company to ensure you have the proper coverage, make sure that you contact a qualified restoration company specializing in flood damage for help with preparing your Cutler Bay water damaged home. Even if you have never had water issues in the past, it is best to get the protection you deserve, before you need it. SERVPRO technicians understand how floodwaters behave and help you protect areas of your property where flooding is most likely to occur. The speed and duration of a flood can vary significantly, making it necessary to protect yourself in various ways. 

Slow, constant rainwater, pipes with a small leak, and damaged plumbing fixtures all can turn into what we call a slow-onset flood—sometimes taking over a week to develop and lasting for months before the water ever goes away on its own. 

Rapid-onset floods or flash floods occur very quickly, with little or no warning. Broken appliances, drain pipes, or plumbing lines with large holes fall into this category. Improper drainage, settling, ice jams, and faulty water systems often lead to flooded basements and other issues that you may have already experienced. 

SERVPRO has services available to get flood damage under control fast. We use expertly trained technicians, specialized equipment, and years of experience to address issues found on your property. Remember, even a few inches of floodwater can cause extreme damage to your home if not handled in an efficient, timely manner. 

When water loss incidents such as these happen on your property, get to safety, call for help, and wait for SERVPRO'S expertly trained technicians to arrive, before re-entering your home. You never know if hazards are lurking just around the next corner, never take the chance. Contact SERVPRO of Cutler Bay for professional assistance when dealing with flood damage found on your property (305) 278-8484. 

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