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Why Choose a Mold Removal and Repair Company that Understands the Local Area?

10/20/2020 (Permalink)

Trust SERVPRO--Your Local IICRC--Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification for mold remediation for your Cutler Bay property

Cutler Bay Residents Need Mold Removal and Repair from Companies that Understand

Cutler Bay is a great place to live and work. It is close enough to the coast and the local marinas to offer coastal living, with easy access to Miami's amenities. However, the area's damp and humid climate can cause issues with fungal growth in local homes.

It is not uncommon to need mold removal and repair in Cutler Bay. SERVPRO customers sometimes tell us they are confused as to where the fungus is coming from. If they have not suffered recent storm damage, a leaking roof, or a plumbing problem, it does not seem to make sense that the mold is growing anyway.

How do humidity levels affect mold growth?

The reason local homes suffer from mold growth is due to humidity. Most molds can thrive if the humidity of the air is more than 55%. Because Cutler Bayis in a low-lying wetland area, the humidity is frequently higher than that. The average humidity in the area is a staggering 72%, so no wonder mold proliferates here.

But why does humidity cause mold growth?

The fungus requires moisture to grow, and a humid atmosphere provides moisture. Mold also needs:

  • Oxygen – there is always plenty of that around
  • Warm temperatures – indeed not a problem in Florida
  • An organic food source – clothes, wooden furniture, wallpaper, drywall, and paper all provide food

Why does local knowledge matter when choosing a mold company?

If you spot signs of mold in your home, it is far preferable to work with a mold remediation company that understands the local area. SERVPRO of Cutler Bay's local knowledge means we:

  • Understand the challenges of living in a warm and humid town
  • Are familiar with local homes and their construction materials
  • Care about the town and its residents, because our team are residents here too
  • Understand that humidity is an ongoing concern in the area, so finding ways to tackle it is an essential part of mold remediation

Does being local mean we have fewer resources?

Not at all. SERVPRO is an owner-operator franchise, one of four, which means our locally-led and managed teams have access to South Florida and national resources. We train all our franchise owners and technicians to the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) standards, which means they have national-level training. We also invest in ongoing professional development to ensure our technicians stay up to date.

Each franchise has access to the same powerful monitoring tools, drying equipment, and mold cleanup resources.

What will SERVPRO do to tackle humidity?

The first thing we do to tackle humidity is to measure current levels. We do this using a thermo-hygrometer. This device measures the relative humidity and temperature of an air mass by monitoring the change in the air's thermal conductivity. Thermal conductivity refers to the ability to conduct heat – more humid air does not conduct heat as effectively.

We can also use the thermo-hygrometer to compare the humidity in the rest of your home. We also measure levels outside of your home and near the HVAC system. Condo living means sharing walls and ceilings - we can liaise with your neighbors if needed. We can combine the thermo-hygrometer with other sensors and probes, including thermal imaging, for a complete overview of humidity and dampness in your home.

Once we have accurate readings to work from, we can start the drying process. We use a range of fans and air movers to encourage evaporation of water and dry out building materials. However, when it comes to humidity, one of the most useful tools is a dehumidifier. We set up dehumidifiers and calibrate them for optimum results. When we use air movers and dehumidifiers together, it is essential to set the dehumidifiers up correctly. The amount of moisture they remove from the air must equal or exceed the moisture created from evaporation.

Can SERVPRO help me keep the humidity down?

Our best advice is to invest in dehumidifiers and run them regularly in your home. You might like to purchase a unit that measures humidity for you, or you can buy a separate thermo-hygrometer to take measurements. Other tips to lower humidity in your home include:

  • Use weatherstripping or caulk to seal up any air leaks around your home
  • Do not dry wet laundry indoors
  • Keep your home well ventilated and open the windows regularly
  • Use your HVAC and make sure it is in good working order, as a damaged HVAC can make humidity worse
  • If you are a plant lover, stick with outdoor plants, as having too many indoor plants can raise the humidity

If you need an understanding local mold removal company, call SERVPRO of Culter Bay at (305) 278-8484.

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