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What are the Stages of Water Mitigation for Cutler Bay Homes?

9/20/2020 (Permalink)

close-up of wet kitchen floor Team SERVPRO fully evaluates the situation before taking action on your water damage emergency. Standing by to take your call 24/7.

Understanding what to expect before, during, and after mitigation can give you peace of mind with the restoration process after a water disaster.

Mitigation is a process designed to reduce the severity of loss conditions for Cutler Bay homes and businesses. With the likelihood of water disasters for area properties, the work that can alleviate some of the cost and time restoration requires can benefit homeowners. As with all recovery projects, there are actions that our SERVPRO professionals must take before vital mitigation, as well as follow up steps that can build on the work completed in this phase.

Understanding the full implications of water mitigation for Cutler Bay homes means appreciating the individual actions taken to reduce moving water, saturation, and structural deterioration. As a growing, reputable water restoration company for Miami-Dade County, our SERVPRO of Cutler Bay team has an extensive inventory of recovery tools and equipment as well as experienced technicians. Before we can utilize these to mitigate loss, our team must first determine the extent of the damage and the ideal approaches to restore it.

What Can You Expect When the Property Gets Evaluated?

Job scoping is a valuable aspect of water restoration for Cutler Bay area homes. The process gets conducted by our competent project manager, who can walk through the property with you to learn whatever possible about the work areas. Several vital pieces of information can get collected through the inspection and evaluation of the damaged property.

While homeowners can share critical facts about the damage with the staffed emergency line, we have several focal points to identify during a physical walk through the residence. This data gets inputted into our DryBook software for estimations and a baseline to establish drying progress moving forward. Job scoping identifies:

  • Present water damages 
  • Structural concerns
  • Hazards 
  • Content damage 
  • Pre-existing conditions 

How Does SERVPRO Meet Drying and Restoration Goals?

After inspecting your property, our SERVPRO crew chief and project manager work on an effective restoration plan. This layout of the intended actions and use of specific equipment seeks to meet specific goals and milestones for drying and restoration throughout the entire process. When our efforts fail to meet the proposed deadlines and progress markers, more equipment, or varying approaches might be required to improve the processes' efficiency. We have several different areas where we must meet restoration goals, and these do not exclusively relate to drying.

  • Moisture Content – When we first review the property, we can establish the initial moisture content readings for materials and the environment. Each affected area might require different lengths of time to show drying progress.
  • Content Cleaning – While relocation can positively affect preventing irreparable damages to your personal belongings, cleaning is often necessary both on and off-site. Meeting restoration expectations is getting items into safe, dry storage as soon as possible. 
  • Structural Repair/Replacement – It is often not challenging to identify many of the structural elements that require removal and replacement when mitigation begins. Progress in this regard is established in two primary timelines: controlled demolition and reconstruction.
  • Customer Concerns – Your specific requests and priorities are a different motivation for restoration progress evaluations. We seek to meet your expectations as quickly as possible to put you at ease in a challenging time. 

What Tools Are Commonly Seen in Mitigation?

The actual mitigation process encompasses several necessary actions designed to make later restoration more efficient. While many consider water removal and extraction to be the heart of this process, several tools and techniques can help recover and restore your damaged residence in this phase, including:

  • Desiccant Dehumidifiers – Desiccants are not the only type of dehumidifiers available to our SERVPRO team, but they are preferred with their ability to exhaust warm, dry air back into the work area to increase evaporation of materials in the drying zone. 
  • Extractors – Water removal is critical to protecting exposed materials and contents in the house. Submersible pumps can be a popular choice for this extraction. 
  • Wet Vacuums – Wet debris and material remnants around the house can be a challenging threat for restoration and a catalyst for microbial growth. Wet vacuums can remove these solids. 
  • Detection Devices – Continued monitoring of the drying process is vital to track the progress of evaporation and the possibility of preserving exposed structural elements or contents. 

As vital as mitigation is to reduce out-of-pocket expenses, many homeowners delay calling our SERVPRO of Cutler Bay team to attempt cleaning and recovery on their own. Our professionals are available 24/7 to help save you time and money at (305) 278-8484.

Is There a Company Serving Cutler Bay that Helps Prepare My Business to Survive Fire Damage or other Disasters?

9/8/2020 (Permalink)

fire isolated over black background Look to SERVPRO of Cutler Bay for disaster preparedness strategies as well as immediate interventions when a crisis strikes.

Consult with SERVPRO About Our Emergency READY Profile and Plan (ERP) -- We Create Peace of Mind for Forward-Thinking Business Owners Concerned About the Potential Effects of Fire Damage in Cutler Bay

Unless you are in the fire restoration business yourself, it is unlikely that you and your cleaning staff can respond appropriately to the cleanup of smoke, soot, and odors during a fire aftermath in Cutler Bay. Although it can be uncomfortable to consider the stress and devastation of a fire loss, we urge you to plan for it nonetheless. You pre-plan for many other contingencies affecting your business. Do not miss an opportunity to keep your company and legacy strong.

How Would Pre-Planning Using the Emergency READY Profile and Plan ERP) for Fire Damage Recovery Help My Business?
Although it is hard to imagine precisely the ways fire damage negatively impacts Cutler Bay business operations, our experience in disaster mitigation, remediation, and restoration offers insight. Statistically, businesses that close their doors even temporarily risk a permanent shutdown nearly 50 percent of the time. Developing an ERP with our team helps improve restoration turnaround efficiency and offers you a recovery narrative for customers that is likely to inspire confidence.

    •    Our crews are familiar with your layout and operations, streamlining initial assessment, and emergency services.
    •    We know your priorities and systems and have access immediately after the firefighters leave.
    •    You can designate employees or other individuals to act on your behalf in the ERP if you are unavailable at critical times.

What Is the ERP Development Process?
You call SERVPRO and set up a time for an experienced project manager to evaluate your commercial property. We sketch out a blueprint of your space and communicate with you about how we would approach disaster response. If we note vulnerabilities, we make recommendations that can minimize fire risk. Our observations plus the details you add using our mobile app result in a concise, digital document that guides our responding crew members if a fire occurs.

Look to SERVPRO of Cutler Bay for disaster preparedness strategies as well as immediate interventions when a crisis strikes. Call us at (305) 278-8484 to explore what we can offer your business.

What Repairs Might Happen Before Water Damage Restoration?

9/2/2020 (Permalink)

SERPVRO tech drying water damaged room; drywall removed to studs for drying Sometimes drywall needs removing to expose the structure for drying.

Cutler Ridge Properties Often Need Stop-Gap Mitigation  

While water extraction and damage cleanup are often among Cutler Ridgehomes' priorities after a disaster, some actions often occur before mitigation steps can begin. Effective mitigation, including water removal, must often happen within a 48-hour window from the initial exposure of materials and contents, making emergency services that happen before job scoping on a critical timeline. 

Water damage repair for Cutler Ridge means more than the build-back services often required of our in-house contractors after the restoration completes. There are multiple rehabilitation and reconstruction phases, starting as soon as our professionals first arrive, including: 

  • Plumbing Damage – Between broken hoses and fixtures feeding appliances like the dishwasher and clothes washing machine to plumbing throughout the property, repairing damaged pipes and connections prevent worse conditions. 
  • Board Up – Structural damages can often involve your property's exterior, leaving vulnerable areas for flooding. Board up and tarping are quick solutions to get mitigation started.  
  • Debris Removal – The degradation and deterioration of exposed materials can generate debris and rubbish. We can clean and discard these remnants before mitigation gets underway. 

When Does Controlled Demolition Occur?  

Controlled demolition is often a needed element in the restoration and recovery of water-damaged structures. Pipe bursts can overwhelm porous materials like drywall, and removing compromised construction materials provides faster access for drying and a better foundation for reinstallation and reconstruction later. Controlled demolition is a carefully calculated process to reduce the time spent replacing discarded materials and to reduce expenses in the needed materials to make it "Like it never even happened." 

As challenging as water damage property losses can often be, repairs and demolition must often occur before other restorative actions to make the house's recovery more efficient and cost-effective. Our SERVPRO of Cutler Bay team can help restore your property needs. Contact us at (305) 278-8484. 

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What Do I Need To Know Before Hiring Mold Removal Help In Cutler Bay?

8/20/2020 (Permalink)

mold growing on wall Contact SERVPRO of Cutler Bay at (305) 278-8484 today for more information.

Any Business or Home in Cutler Bay Can End Up Needed Mold Remediation – Here is What You Should Know

Anywhere you have moisture and high humidity, you can have mold. Since the mold spores are all around you, there is no escaping them. Most of the time, they are harmless. But when the spores bond with water, you get mold growth. SERVPRO has professional mold remediation techs in Cutler Bay that are trained to clean up the mold.

Do I Need a Mold Inspection?

If you own your home, the answer is no. If you can see mold or smell it, you have a problem. If you are buying a home, you might want to hire a certified mold inspector. If you own a business, you may need an industrial hygienist (IH) to formally diagnose the problem and propose a plan for the restoration company. Mold remediation isn’t always as complicated as it can seem. A good mold remediation company in Cutler Bay takes you through the process and should be competitively priced.

What Should I Look for in a Mold Remediation Specialist?

First off, they should always have the proper certification. SERVPRO’s technicians are the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) certified and trained as Applied Microbial Remediation Technicians (AMRT). Your local guidelines may also require specific mold licensing under the contractor’s license.

The business you hire should be able to outline the mold removal process in a way you can clearly understand. If they confuse you or try to scare you into hiring them, walk away. Other things to look for include:
•    Personal Protective Equipment – PPE should always be worn when working with mold. A high-quality filtration mask and the appropriate gloves are a must. For larger projects and remediation that uses harsh chemicals, full protective suits may be needed.
•    Containment – Mold professionals use things like plastic sheeting to seal off the affected area to stop the mold spores from traveling to other areas of the home.
•    Professional Equipment – The equipment used should be designed for the job, HEPA vacuums, HEPA air scrubbers, and commercial dehumidifiers at not things the average handyman has.
•    Air Purification – Once the mold is removed, the air needs to be cleaned to remove airborne mold spores. A combination of air exchange and air scrubbers get used to do this job. HEPA filters should be used as they are designed to catch the microscopic spores.
•    Proper Disposal – Professionals should dispose of porous materials such as insulation, drywall, and baseboards that are moldy. Porous materials absorb water and mold, making them difficult, if not impossible, to clean. These items are relatively inexpensive to replace.
•    Antimicrobial Cleaners – Once the controlled demolition and removal of affected elements has occurred, any remaining mold spots or stains get treated with these cleaners. Fungicides get used as well.
•    Sealers or Encapsulants – To prevent the return of mold and make the area more water-resistant, sealants and encapsulants may be used. This can help with the odors as well.

Dealing with Moisture

If you have a mold problem, you have a moisture problem as well. The professionals search out the source of the moisture and address it. Often the source is visible, like a kitchen sink pipe leak, but may be hidden. Moisture detectors and sensors get used in locating wet areas not easily seen. Once the containment is in place, and the mold, along with infected materials, is removed, the area is dried.

Mold Remediation Experience

Before employing a mold removal company, make sure they have experience handling situations involving mold. SERVPRO has years of experience in mitigating all kinds of mild infestations. From mold beneath your kitchen sink to an entire home that sat all winter with a burst pipe, our team has seen it all and provided professional mold remediation. Our Green Team technicians have both the IICRC and AMRT certifications. They are continually undergoing training to keep abreast of the latest cleaning and restoration techniques involving water, fire, and mold damage.

Faster to Any Size Disaster

Not only does SERVPRO have well-trained and certified technicians, but we are fast to the scene. The longer the delay in addressing the situation, the more damage that is done. Our technicians are available twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. We come to you even if it is a holiday. We understand you need your home in good repair, and our goal is to leave it “Like it never even happened.”

Mold can damage the content and structural elements of a home. It can cause health effects. Get mold remediation help right away if you see or smell mold in your home. If you have water leaks or think you have hidden water damage contact us immediately to prevent secondary problems such as mold and mildew.

Contact SERVPRO of Cutler Bay at (305) 278-8484 today for more information.

Can My Home Be Fully Restored After It Floods?

8/17/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO drying equipment in water damaged room. Flood cuts along wall to allow for drying Sometimes we make flood cuts, like we did in this home, to ensure complete structure drying.

For a Thorough, Professional Response to Your Cutler Bay Home, Call SERVPRO!

When it comes to water damage repair in Cutler Bay, our SERVPRO franchise does more than cleaning off floors, walls, and personal property. We have in-house construction specialists that can perform the tasks needed to rebuild area homes after a water intrusion of any type.  

Where Do Your Specialists Start? 

Our response team begins by removing the water from Cutler Bay homes. Depending on the amount present, this could take up to several days. Once completed, our construction crews examine every surface that the water covered for damage. Depending on what they find, team members take the following actions: 

  • Wall Damage – If there is visible crumbling of drywall, construction specialists immediately demolish and remove it. If there are large damp spots, they can attempt to dry them with air movers. After removing every panel that is non-restorable, crew members can quickly install new panels.
  • Support Structure Damage – Before hanging new drywall or other paneling, crew members examine the structure behind them. Besides visual inspection, they use a moisture meter to ensure each piece is dry. If there is already water damage from moisture, they can remove and replace each part from simple wall framing to a load-bearing wall structure.
  • Flooring – Our construction crew uses the same moisture sensing devices to ensure floorboards and the sub-flooring is in good shape. If there is an issue, they can replace any wood flooring type and demolish and replace the sub-floor structure supporting it.  

Is Major Rebuilding All You Can Do? 

No, SERVPRO specialists can also paint new walls or hang wallpaper, so your home looks as it did, change the appearance, or even upgrade it.  

To schedule a service call, or for more information about what SERVPRO of Cutler Bay can do for your business here or in Cutler Ridge, call us today at (305) 278-8484. We are here to help you get back to business.  

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How Do I Keep My Merchandise Undamaged After a Flood In Cutler Bay?

8/3/2020 (Permalink)

Waterproof Boots Standing in a Flooded property We make it, “Like it never even happened.”

SERVPRO Relocates Unharmed Items to Offsite Cutler Bay Storage

Opening your Cutler Bay clothing boutique after a crisis like a severe flood is vital for keeping your business running and profitable. However, floodwater can cause long-lasting damage if not treated right away. Unaffected inventory needs protection after a flood so that the added humidity and moisture do not damage the clothing. We understand that the South Florida weather conditions add to humidity levels, making it more dangerous for your merchandise.  Our technicians have capabilities to clean and protect your items so that you can get back to business as usual as quickly as possible.

How Do I Know That the Merchandise is Secure?

SERVPRO Enforces Carefully Monitored Inventory to Make Sure Your Belongings are Safe
Our flood damage restoration team in Cutler Bay carefully inventories each of your items to ensure their safe return after they complete the restoration process. Items are checked at each step of the process, beginning at the loading area until they are back in your procession.

What Steps Do Restoration Specialists Take with My Merchandise After a Flood?

    •    Determine which items are the most urgent.
    •    Carefully itemize each piece of clothing.
    •    Sort clothing into categories depending on whether or not they need restoration services.
    •    Technicians complete the necessary work at the boutique, including restoring humidity levels to pre-flood conditions before returning your merchandise.
    •    Return the stored merchandise pending completed work.
    •    Continue to track humidity levels to make sure they stay at pre-flood levels.

Storing and caring for your merchandise is only a portion of the flood restoration process, especially if your business sustained a lot of damage. However, your landlord typically deals with the structural damage in your boutique.

For 24/7 assistance after a flood, contact SERVPRO of Cutler Bay at (305) 278-8484. We make it, “Like it never even happened.”

What Factors Influence the Use of Electric Submersible Pumps?

7/23/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Equipment and technicians Each vehicle in our Green Fleet is stocked with equipment to remove water and dry your property quickly. Call us today!

Water removal is a careful process for Cutler Bay homes, and submersible pumps can often be a fundamental tool in this recovery. 

Standing water can be a substantial concern in Cutler Bay homes and businesses because this condition can promote the migration of water loss effects throughout the property. It becomes challenging to track the progress of moving water and determine where the worst of these conditions exist beyond the surface. Extraction becomes a vital effort and restoring your damaged property. 

Multiple tools can be used to regulate water removal in Cutler Bay homes or businesses, but among the most popular of these are our electric submersible pumps. The choice and the pump used for any extraction purpose involves several factors and considerations. Choosing these submersible pumps is only feasible with favorable conditions after the evaluation of: 

  • Severity of the Damage 
  • The Presence of Solids 
  • Priming Concerns 
  • Available Power 

Is the Damage Severe Enough for Larger Pump Units? 

Job scoping and damage evaluation are critical efforts for understanding the severity of the situation when our professionals first arrive. It can be challenging to separate the current damage and degradation from pre-existing conditions, but even before this can be assessed, standing water must be removed. The accessibility of this pooling water can help determine whether electric submersible pumps are the best choice. A depth of more than two inches can be ideal for maintaining the appropriate prime on the pump itself, but the location of the damage and the ease of placing equipment in the area can also be factors.

What Else is In the Water? 

While flooding is often more notorious for solids and debris present in the standing water, this is not unlikely with water loss situations in your home. This condition must get discovered as soon as possible because removing water with debris and solids present can damage our submersible pumps that are not designed to move these particles. Electric submersible pumps are not capable of passing solids in most situations, and instead, our SERVPRO team looks to utilize trash pumps and truck-mount pumps with more substantial discharge and intake hoses. Some of the solids we might encounter with standing water after a loss incident include:

  • Remnants of construction materials
  • Debris
  • Contents

How Can You Maintain Extraction Power with Electric Pumps? 

All submersible pumps work with the premise of priming. This maintains a steady suction of water with enough power to move this liquid through the unit and out of a discharge hose. Most of our electrical units are self-priming, meaning that we do not have to take extra steps to begin the removal process when the device gets activated. Maintaining this prime involves a balance of several conditions simultaneously. Unexpected changes in these conditions can result and the failure of the pump and a stalling of water removal from your property. The three main points for continued removal of water once a primed pump begins operation are:

  • Appropriate Depth - Submersible pumps work best when the unit's entire base is submerged in the standing water. When the pool is under two inches in depth, the intake of air with water can cause a loss of prime.
  • Lack of Solids - Debris can be a concern with standing water, and electric submersible pumps are often incapable of handling solids. Attempting to pass more massive particles can stall out the 2HP motor.
  • Adequate Power Supply - As the name suggests, reliable power is necessary to operate electric submersible pumps. While our technicians can arrive with larger generators to supply this essential electric, any lapse in the current can threaten the progress of water removal.

What Power Does an Electric Pump Require? 

Often water loss incidents are not so extreme in homes that they require electrical service to the property to get severed. Available power for the multiple tools used in water removal and drying can be more convenient for our responding technicians. When no electricity is available in the house, we can arrive with trailered generators and portable generators capable of supplying the appropriate amperage to run multiple submersible pumps, air movers, dehumidifiers, and other traditional recovery tools.

Water removal can be a challenging effort after a loss, but with the fast response and industry-leading equipment of our SERVPRO of Cutler Bay team, we can make these incidents "Like it never even happened." Give us a call anytime that you need us at (305) 278-8484.

What Does a Restoration Company in Cutler Bay do After a Fire?

7/19/2020 (Permalink)

stove fire with burnt walls surrounding it Homes can be damaged badly by fire damage. Contact SERVPRO for fire damage remediation and get your home back to normal.

A Restoration Company Provides Expert Insight and Industry-Specific Technology to Restore Your Cutler Bay Home After a Fire

A fire in your Cutler Bay home does not necessarily imply a total loss. Even if the aftermath seems overwhelming, there may be different avenues for you to restore your home and personal belongings. Rather than guessing what you need to discard and salvage, let a professional restoration company guide you through those decisions.

In Cutler Bay, fire damage restoration is a job for our team at SERVPRO. We are ready to help around the clock and to implement best practices as recognized by industry experts. Our crew trains to handle the different consequences following a fire in your home and eliminate its residual effects. Whether the damage is widespread through your house or in a specific area, our team conducts a thorough inspection as we develop an action plan.

What are some methods used by professionals to restore fire damage?

Our SERVPRO team understands the theory of fire and how it travels. When we arrive at your home, we translate our knowledge into action and focus on eliminating visible damage as well as the smell left in the air. As we go about the process, you may see us focus on the following-

  • Temperature- Some cleaning agents work better under higher temperatures, so we optimize their performance by controlling the heat in your home and maintaining it at the best level.
  • Cleaning solutions- their application responds to the material we are cleaning and how far the solution needs to penetrate.
  • Agitation- Pressure washing and soda blasting can also help remove fire damage. Soda blasting, in particular, is also helpful in eliminating the smell of smoke.

After a fire, you may find companies and individuals willing to undertake the restoration process. However, only a reputable company like SERVPRO of Cutler Bay can achieve the best results. Call us at (305) 278-8484 and put us to work to leave your home "Like it never even happened."

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How can You Avoid Secondary Damage for Hollywood Home Fires?

7/3/2020 (Permalink)

three-pronged cord on fire Time is of the essence when restoring property after a fire. Call SERVPRO immediately after the fire is extinguished to begin the restoration process.

SERVPRO Explains the Importance of Professional Fire Damage Restoration Services in Hollywood

Fires have always been an increasingly prevalent threat throughout the Hollywood area. Disaster can strike without any notice, devastating your property. After a fire, homeowners deal with damage to their personal belongings, household contents, or the structure of their homes.

Hopefully, you get the opportunity to check your insurance coverage before anything has a chance to happen to your home. You need access to a company that specializes in fire damage removal in Hollywood to get suggestions on how to best protect your investment. It is time to contact a restoration specialist in the area, to either prepare your property to fight against fire or start your recovery.

Many homeowners fail to understand that taking immediate steps after a fire occurs on your property can help minimize the losses they experience. It becomes even more pertinent to have a professional, like the IICRC-certified restoration technicians at SERVPRO, available, ready to respond to your call for help, as soon as possible. Our team responds to your request for help 24/7, 365 days a year, through all holidays and strive to provide you with the fast, efficient services you deserve.

Once SERVPRO helps you secure your property, we can also help contact your insurance company and work with your insurance company to produce the results you need. The only things that should ever delay your claims process involve you or your families, safety. Otherwise, you should file your fire damage claim immediately.

SERVPRO technicians work with you, helping you decide which of your belongings remain salvageable. We also help you keep track of damaged items, reporting all necessary information to your insurance adjuster. While we take care of your property, you should account for any expenses related to your living expenses and report everything, so that you get proper compensation.

Fire damage removal and repair can be a lengthy process. You need an experienced restoration company on your side to help protect your interests. At SERVPRO of Cutler Bay, our entire Green Fleet stands ready to answer your call, and all of our restoration technicians are trained to provide you with quality results. (305) 278-8484

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How do Professionals Restore Water Damage in Coral Gables?

7/1/2020 (Permalink)

standing water in living room. sofa in living room. SERVPRO can restore the water loss events in your home.

SERVPRO Can Restore Your Flooded, Water Damaged Home in Coral Gables 

When a flood causes water damage to your property, make sure you pay attention to health and safety concerns. Floodwaters contain contaminants that can cause health hazards, even with just a small amount of water.  

Cleaning up after a water loss event in Coral Gables is a long ordeal. Here are some things you can do to sanitize your home after flood damage. Clean and disinfect every surface. Use hot water and heavy-duty cleaners. Use 1/4 cup bleach per every gallon of water to mitigate or prevent mold and bacteria from growing. For furniture and household belongings, dry them as quickly as possible, which leaves less time for mildew and mold to grow and spread. A water damage restoration company like SERVPRO can safely salvage personal property, minimize structural water damage, reduce stress, and save you money. After a flood, this is undoubtedly your best option. 

It is critical to disinfect and air-dry kitchen items damaged in the flooding. Cupboards and counters must be cleaned and rinsed with chlorine bleach before storing dishes. For wet items, dry them as quickly as possible. Use dehumidifiers and large fans to remove moisture by evaporation. Further, open windows to ventilate with outside air. If you sense that the cleaning involves mold, call a mold damage remediation expert--SERVPRO--right away. They will bring the necessary equipment, protective gear, and expertise to solve your mold and water damage issues safely.  

Upholstery should only be cleaned by a professional as they tend to soak up contaminants such as bacteria, ground soil debris, and chemicals. If a sewage blockage or known fecal matter is present, then the furnishing should be wrapped to prevent cross-contamination and safely discarded by a professional technician from SERVPRO. Most solid wood furniture can be dried, refinished, and restored. Children's toys and stuffed animals need throwing away if contaminated by floodwaters.  

Photographs, books, and other documents can be frozen and cleaned later, which is a specialized field of water damage restoration where a premier company like SERVPRO excels. Cleaning, removing mud, and storing before treating, takes care and expertise to prevent further water damage.  

Ceilings and walls comprised of drywall act like sponges when they are wet. Remove and discard drywall to eliminate moisture and help to avoid mold proliferation. Persistent health hazards from contaminated water are the norm if not dealt with professionally.  

Water damage caused by flooding and rising groundwater is not your garden variety of a water leak. Heavy duty water pumps, wet-vacs, air movers, dehumidifiers, and possibly generators are all immediately required equipment to grapple with stemming the water damage. SERVPRO of Cutler Bay has the IICRC trained team, experience, and knowledge to restore your property to pre-flood conditions, "Like it never even happened." 

We’re Highly Trained Water Damage Specialists in Coral Gables

As water damage specialists, SERVPRO of Cutler Bay has the experience, expertise, and advanced training that enables us to get your property dried quickly and thoroughly. For 24/7 emergency service in Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, and South Miami call us. (305) 278-8484

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