Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Fire Damage - Cutler Ridge Home

Fire damage at this Cutler Ridge home began in the attic and burnt sections of the attic and roof. The fire and the water to put it out created quite a mess with drywall and insulation falling from the ceiling in the kitchen. Our industry certified technicians can clean up the mess, suction up the water from the firefighting effort, and dry all the affected surfaces. Once those issues have been dealt with our te3am can rebuild the damaged building elements.

Hollywood Home and a Kitchen Fire

The small kitchen fire in this Hollywood home was quickly put out with an ABC type extinguisher. No damage, just a pungent odor from the protein (meat) that fueled the flame. SERVPRO techs can quickly wipe down any smoke residue and place a hydroxyl generator to neutralize the airborne odorous particles. A light deodorizing to follow, and our customer stated that she felt "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO of Cutler Bay responds to boat fire at the Yacht Club of Delray Beach

The team from SERVPRO of Cutler Bay helped clean and restore a yacht at the Yacht Club of Delray Beach. Cleaning a boat after a fire requires a unique blend of experience and equipment. We have experience with commercial fire restoration for businesses, homes and yachts in the Cutler bay area. If you experience smoke or fire damage in small retail store or large residential high rise building, our team will respond quickly to help. We have helped customers in Cutler Bay, Cutler Ridge, Palmetto Bay and your neighborhood. 

Cutler Bay Smoke Damage

The smoke-stained ceiling in this Cutler Bay condo was limited to the kitchen. By sealing off the doorway, SERVPRO technicians prevented the odors from circulating to other rooms. Hydroxyl generators restored decent indoor air quality as the cleaning was taken place.

Fire Damage – Cutler Bay Offices

Fire damage in this Cutler Bay office building left that telltale smoke odor behind after the initial fire damage cleanup. Cleaning up the odor required several steps including the use of air scrubbers like the one pictured above.

Three Lakes Smoke Damage

The smoker's cigarette started a fire in this rental unit that covered the walls and furniture with dirty smoke. This dry smoke was a challenge to clean up and, even more difficult, was the removal of the odors. We set up an hydroxyl generator to capture the smelly smoke particulates.

Fire Damage in a Cutler Bay Apartment

A space heater, seldom used in this climate, tipped over and started a smoldering fire in this room. The dry smoke, from carpet fibers, was not difficult to wipe off the walls with special dry sponges. We then fogged the living area to kill the lingering smoky odor.